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Mobico is proud to have the biggest office furniture system manufacturing plant in the Middle East. With 17 factories stretching over 280,000 square metres, and employing the latest technology in the field, Mobico’s strong points lie in the well-balanced combination of innovative ergonomic product design, high quality, use of long-lasting construction materials environmental awareness, and integrated manufacturing facilities. It is by virtue of this integration that we are able to be the suppliers of complete interior office systems and solutions.

Under the umbrella of our design, manufacturing, and rigorous quality control, we are able to produce our distinctive customizable office systems, setting new standards in the realms of flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics.

Our dedication to and rigorous pursuance of achieving the best quality possible and our vast experience in our field culminated in our company’s being awarded the ISO 9001, ISO14001 and QS9000 quality certificate from TUV institute in Germany.

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